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Newsletter update from September 8, 2017:

Residents Concerned About the Proposed Xcel Bayfield 2nd Circuit Project
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Thank you to everyone for showing up at the September 2nd meeting at the town hall. Click here for a pdf of notes from the discussions at the Concerned Citizens Meeting.

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What has taken place:
Roy Settgas wrote an op-ed article that was published in the Ashland Daily Press on Wednesday, September 6th that summarized the Concerned Citizens Meeting. Click here to read the article.

The government committee and a variety of other individuals have collaborated on a resolution for the Town of Washburn presented to the Planning Commission on Tuesday, September 5th. You can read a pdf of the resolution here. The resolution was structured so that it could be used as a template for the other townships as well.

The resolution was shared with the Town of Bayview in time for their Wednesday, September 6th board meeting and passed and thus, will be submitted to the county. The resolution will go before the other town board meetings in the coming weeks. See below for schedule.

Upcoming Meetings
– Tuesday, September 12th – Town of Washburn, Town of Barksdale, Town of Eileen
– Monday, September 18th – Town of Bayfield
– Tuesday, September 19th – Bayfield County board meeting

Documents shared at the Concerned Citizens Meeting as well as other documents provided by Xcel Energy are accessible under the “documents” tab.

What to expect in the coming weeks:
– Presentations at each town board meeting to prompt passing the resolution for submission to the county board
– Drafting of template letters for submitting feedback to county board supervisors, Xcel, Bayfield Electric, the Public Service Commission and our state representatives.

What you can do:
– Submit your written feedback to Xcel via the public comment form above or email the Xcel contacts below
Ellen Heine
Sr. Land Agent

Chris Buboltz
Project Manager

– Write a personal letter to your Bayfield County board representative requesting that they pass the resolution from the towns and allow enough time for careful consideration and collaboration on this project. Alternatively, you can also send them an email.

If there is any inaccurate information contained in this email, please notify me. All information is provided with the best intent of accuracy.

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