September 26, 2017 Meeting at Washburn Public Library

September 26, 2017
Meeting at Washburn Public Library

Bill Bailey from Cheq Bay Renewables (CBR) made a presentation to the group about their proposal for an alternative to the Xcel’s Bayfield Second Circuit Transmission Project (BSCTP). For more information, refer to their website

The alternative approach suggested by Robert Owen consists of the following:

  1. A 34.5-kv submarine cable from Ashland to Washburn, undergrounded on land at each end;
  2. A 5 MW solar-plus-battery-storage facility near Bayfield;
  3. Reconstruction of old segments of the existing 34.5-kV line from Iron River to Bayfield; and
  4. Connection of the 17 MVA spare 115/34.5-kV transformer at Iron River in lieu of the small transformer now used there.

Bill is in regular communication with the primary project leaders for BSCTP, Ellen Heine (Sr. Land Agent) and Chris Bubolz (project manager) and was encouraged by their willingness to provide answers to any and all questions posed to them regarding Xcel’s transmission project.

Bill had been asked by Bob Adams how our group could help further their initiative for a solar solution. He submitted the Citizens Group Action Items list below.

He encouraged people to attend the Solar Tour on October 1, 2017.

CBR is also working on an initiative for a solar project in Washburn.

He encouraged attendance at the October 26th meeting held in the Bayfield County Board room to show support for this project.

For more information on the work this non-profit organization is doing

Bill’s presentation generated many questions from the audience.

Mike Bebeau from Xcel was in attendance. He is the community Service Manager for our area. He is a point of contact but Bill suggested that if people had questions, it’s best to communicate directly with either Ellen or Chris:

Bob Adams is also communicating directly with Ellen and Chris from Xcel in order to get more information.

After Bill’s presentation, a number of people continued the discussion about what the group’s next step should be.

It was decided that having some sort of name for our group would help in identification when communicating with the media, Xcel, the Public Service Commission (PSC) and other entities such as town boards and Bayfield County. The name that was settled on by those who were there at the time was Bayfield Peninsula Energy Alternatives (BSCTP). The name implies that the group is focused on exploring alternatives to the BSCTP, including renewable energy and alternatives for the transmission lines/routes that are currently proposed in this project . Refer to

Action Items that came out of this meeting:

  • A website for our group will be developed by Mike Sterner.
  • Bill Route and Jay Glase will look into issues related to the submarine cable that is part of CBR’s plan.
  • Bob Adams and Susan Hall will contact the mayor of Washburn and the chairs of the five Town Boards to request that a representative(s) from each governing body be appointed to participate in our efforts to study these issues. This was a specific part of the resolution that was presented to the boards earlier in the month. The County Board will be expecting that we have sought out this representation.
  • Lorraine Norgaard is sending a list of questions generated from the group’s discussions to Xcel on behalf of BSCTP.
  • If any action item was left out, my apology.


Our group is in need of someone to take minutes at our meetings. This will go a long way to track our progress and to show the County our due diligence for studying this issue. If you or someone you know would be interested in doing this, please contact Susan Hall

If you know of anyone who would like to be added to our mailing list OR if you would like your name removed, please email