The following information was provided by Cheq Bay Renewables at the September 26, 2017 meeting at the Washburn Public Library. This represents ways that the public can assist CBR in pursuing the solar alternative. For more information, contact us.

Citizens Group Action Items to Assist CBR

  • Help research submarine cable
    • Potential problems with things like sediment disturbance
    • Who is governing body, DNR, Army Corp, NOAH, all the above
    • Do we want to approach those bodies and ask about requirements?
    • Research modern installation techniques
    • Find a list of companies that would install the cable
    • Get an indicative price for such an installation
    • Spec the cable: size, shielding?
  • Determine what is acceptable to the group
    • Is moving the transmission line from my property to my neighbors OK?
    • Burying the line vs. overhead
    • Does a buried line require the same right-of-way width?
    • If the submarine cable is found not feasible, for whatever reason, the southern portion of the transmission line would be needed in some form even if the solar generation facility plus battery storage was accepted. Is there room for compromise?
  • Communications with Xcel
    • Type up a set of “talking points” that are acceptable to the group
    • If contacted by Xcel, write down subject matter, etc., share with group
  • Communications with ourselves
    • Set up a Google Group or other means to share information easily
    • Make a list of most active people, phone numbers, email addresses
  • Solar at 35,000 feet (the big picture)
    • Participate in local events like the Oct. 1, Solar Tour
    • Show up at Engineer’s Report about Washburn Solar Project, Oct. 26, 6:30pm, County Board Room, 2nd floor of the courthouse
    • Do you have solar or other renewable energy at your home? If not, why, talk with CBR about your situation and maybe sign up for our group buy or learn about community solar
    • Participate in organizations like Citizens Climate Lobby




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