Our Vision

Bayfield Peninsula Energy Alternatives (BPEA) wants the Bayfield Peninsula to generate as much renewable electric energy as possible and transmit it in the least objectionable way in order to protect the natural environment and preserve the desirable cultural character of the area.


  • Avoid wasteful transmission from faraway electrical generation plants.
  • Avoid additional transmission lines along pristine roadways.
  • Avoid additional transmission lines across sensitive areas and waterways.
  • Promote the generation and storage of solar and wind energy.
  • Establish a viable model of local renewable energy generation and storage.
  • Preserve the rural charm of the Bayfield Peninsula for future generations.
  • Take full advantage of existing ROW corridors.
  • Keep precious county resources available for county purposes.
  • Promote local control and economic value of electrical generation and transmission.
  • Satisfy the present and future electrical needs of the Bayfield Peninsula.
  • Create reasonable alternatives to the Xcel Energy 2nd Circuit Transmission Project proposal.